I have found this article to be extremely thought provoking and informative! Though I have yet to build a knowledge base as in-depth as one necessary to construct an article on topics such as the development of a language built onto the Java Virtual Machine to navigate around the constrains of another language, I still found everything within this article to be intriguing, and I will be sure to do some of my own research into the topics covered!

I did however find myself nodding in agreement with the (in my opinion) valid arguments against JavaScript, in fact I have made it a personal aim to utilise the language when engaged with web development as little as possible purely out of some tribal spite I have for it.

Though I have a question. Just out of curiosity, I read that you have tried languages like Rust (which I personally see the appeal with, especially now that it is being included in the development of the Linux kernel) but I haven't read about your experience with languages such as C or C++? Are these languages not capable of what you want to achieve?

Thanks in advance, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and I hope to learn from it!

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Genuinely curious, can you elaborate on the 'Javascript nightmare!' stuff?

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